Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 000

The Party

A more detailed history for the characters can be found here.

An audio version of the detailed character backgrounds can be downloaded here (6.5 Mb, 12.5 minutes long).

The party consists of:

Dante: A human swashbuckler. His family has been part of the Bellflower Network, a rebel group that opposes the demonic rule of House Thrune in the nation of Cheliax for generations and Dante has been training to become a full-fledged knight within his family. He is being trained by Cacciaguida Roux, his uncle and a leader of the Bellflower Network.

Dhanga: A human monk. He was trained in various martial art fighting styles in his native country of Sargava. He and others from his clan were sent to Cheliax to obtain the support of the Bellflower Network in keeping Sargava independent from Cheliax, as the nation was once a colony of the nation before gaining its independence several hundred years ago.

Eva: A human sorcerer. Her father, a leader of the Bellflower Network, was killed by Darius. She swore revenge and has since trained her latent arcane abilities. She is looked after by Vayla:, who provides some level of guidance to the impetuous young woman.

Ren: A human anti-paladin. He was once known as Darius before he renounced House Thrune and became a soldier for the Bellflower Network. Ren was turned from his evil ways by the patient teachings of Cacciaguida Roux, a man whom Ren feels he owes much. His primary duties are the protection of young Dante Roux:, the son of one of the leaders of the organization.

Vayla: An aasimar oracle. With the divinatory powers provided to her by her angelic blood, Vayla has served as the virtual eyes and ears of the Bellflower Network for over a century, despite the fact that Vayla herself is nearly blind. Vayla was tasked with protecting Eva: by her dying father.

The group was aboard the Jenivere, a passenger vessel bound for the Sargavan city of Eleder. The ship was carrying several Bellflower Network members, as well as other passengers. Two additional ships were making the same trip, carrying other Bellflower members. The group intended to meet with the elders of Dhanga’s clan and the leaders of Sargava to determine how best to halt a possible Chelish invasion.



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