Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 001

Rude Awakenings

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

An audio version of the detailed recap can be downloaded here (18 Mb, 34.5 minutes long).

The group awakened on a deserted beach being attacked by sea scorpion creatures the size of a small dog. Once the creatures had been dealt with, the group realized that there were about a dozen of them on the beach, and that there was a wrecked ship named the Jenivere in the churning waters almost a hundred yards from the shore.

The group included Dante, Dhanga, Eva, Grud, Ren, and Vayla, all members of the Bellflower Network contingent. In addition, five other individuals were on the beach as well: Aerys Mavato, Gelik Aberwhinge, Ishirou, Jask Derindi, and Sasha Nevah.

The group initially had amnesia, but soon after the battle, their memories came back to them. They recalled being aboard the Jenivere on their way to the Sargavan city of Eleder. They had all sat down for a communal dinner, but none of the castaways could remember anything from that point to their current situation. After dealing with their injuries from the battle, Dhanga, Ren, and Dante made their way to the shipwreck, fighting another sea scorpion and locating the body of Cacciaguida Roux, Dante’s mentor and Ren’s confidant. The group brought the body back to shore and buried it, and finding his uncle and mentor dead struck a blow to Dante’s normally calm and collected demeanor.

Further investigation of the ship found all of the castaways items and equipment, as well as many additional items that may prove useful for their future survival on this island. In the ship’s kitchen, the group found the body of the cook shoved into a small locker. The cook had died of fang-like bite marks on his neck that had caused the flesh around the wound to wither and blacken.

In the captain’s room, the group found many useful items, as well as the captain’s log. The log made it clear that the captain had begun to suffer from a form of madness that caused him to obsess over one of the passengers — a Varisian scholar named Ieana. It seemed that the captain had diverted the ship to the notorious island of Smuggler’s Shiv at Ieana’s request. Furthermore, the captain seemed to be growing paranoid regarding the crew and passengers and hinted that “something may need to be done” to protect himself and his love, Ieana.

A census revealed that all of the ship’s crew and passengers were accounted for, either alive or dead, except for Captain Kovack and Ieana.



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