Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 005

The Enemy of My Enemy

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

The group interrogated the men who had attacked their campsite, learning that they were part of a tribe called the Thrunefangs. The Thrunefangs had lived on this island for several generations, and the group was able to determine that these natives were likely descended from an ill-fated Chelish ship called Thrune’s Fang, which was believed lost several decades ago.

The captives provided information about their tribe, which appeared to number in the dozens and was dominated by an entity known simply as Mother, as well as the other inhabitants of the island, including a winged creature called a chupacabra, a bird-man that lived in a giant crab, and a tree spirit that was vilified by Mother.

The captives also revealed that the Thrunefangs had recently captured a dark-skinned man, whom the party believed was probably Jask, and that the tribe had recently had a single male visitor, one who visited the Caves of Mother and did not return. The group hoped that this man was Captain Kovack.

The party decided to visit the tree spirit, hoping to forge an alliance with it against the Thrunefangs. To this end, they bound the captured Thrunefangs and coerced them to lead the party to the tree spirit. Once there, the group discovered that the tree spirit was a dryad named Aycenia. While the spirit bore no ill will toward the Thrunefangs, she was willing to assist the group in rescuing Jask so long as they eventually helped her deal with an other-worldly fungal threat that had overtaken a small islet on the northwestern edge of Smuggler’s Shiv and that Aycenia feared would soon infest the entire island.



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