Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 007


A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

The party explored the Caves of Mother, soon finding themselves in a large natural cavern, roughly spherical in shape. Here, they fought a pair of bizarre undead creatures resembling a cross between a ghoulish human and a dog. In an alcove of this room, they found a suit of leather armor, upon which was written a message in blood. The writer was apparently Captain Kovack himself! In the brief message, Kovack admitted that he had performed horrible deeds, but explained that such actions were the result of a spell cast upon him by Ieana, whom he described as a shape-changing serpent. He begged forgiveness and asked that any who read his message seek Ieana and kill her. Finally Kovack explained that Ieana planned to examine a “red mountain” upon the isle, believing that knowledge she sought could be found there. The group was bolstered by this finding and continued exploring the Caves.

Deeper in, they discovered a worked hallway connected to the natural caves – an ancient underground temple complex dedicated to the ancient serpent god Ydersius. In this room, the group fought and killed two ghouls, one of which was Captain Alizandru Kovack. In this hall, the group also learned that several monoliths had been constructed on this island by serpent folk, likely in ages past before humans dominated the lands. These monoliths appeared capable of controlling many aspects of nature, and the hieroglyphic instructions of how to activate one such monolith seemed recently cleaned of dust and debris.

The group continued exploring the caves, eventually finding and confronting Mother. She and her ghoulish minions fought the party, and Mother repeatedly offered the party her gift of eternal unlife.



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