Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 008

The Fall of Mother

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

Mother was eventually defeated and the party left the Caves of Mother. Ren took the time to decapitate both Mother and Captain Kovack’s bodies, carrying the two heads in his pack as grotesque souvenirs.

The party returned to Aycenia’s grove, where they informed the Thrunefang captives what had happened. The Thrunefangs were angry, but expressed disbelief that the group had actually killed Mother. When Ren produced the head of their tribe’s matriarch, the Thrunefangs broke down. One violently attacked Ren, although the warrior was easily able to knock the man unconscious. The party then freed the other Thrunefangs, telling them to return and to inform their chieftain to abandon the worship of Mother.

Sasha cried in anger at this decision, and it soon dawned on the group that the Thrunefangs would likely gather their forces and assault the dryad’s grove en masse, possibly even going so far as to burn down Aycenia’s bond-tree.



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