Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 009

From Friend to Foe

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

After nearly two stress-filled days spent prepared for a Thrunefang attack, the party decided to take the fight to the Thrunefangs. Just before they left the grove, however, the Thrunefangs rushed from the jungle to the east and west. The party split up to fight the two Thrunefang fronts, with Issa and Eva confronting the group led by the Thrunefang chieftain, Klorak the Red.

Eva and Issa managed to create an illusion of Mother’s head speaking directly to the chieftain. Through this illusion, along with cleverness and a good deal of luck, the pair convinced the chieftain to halt his attack and listen to the wisdom of the tree spirit. The group stood back as Aycenia emerged from her tree and began speaking with the assembled Thrunefangs, convincing them to abandon their old ways and accept her nature-based teachings.

The party left the newly pacified Thrunefangs with Aycenia as they made their way to the southwest of Smuggler’s Shiv, a region that fit the description of “red mountain.” As they drew near the mountain, the group made camp atop a long ridge overlooking an inner bay. That evening, a bolt of lightning struck the far side of the bay, on the base of the red mountain, followed by the prolonged sound of rolling thunder. The party soon realized that the noise was coming not from the lightning, but from the rapid emptying of the bay! After fifteen minutes, the waters of the bay stopped receding, ending up some fifty or more feet lower than they had been just previously. Later that night, the sound of rolling thunder filled the air, and the following morning, the bay was once again filled to its normal level.



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