Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 011

Revenge At Last

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

The group explored the extend of the underground complex. It was clear that the complex was dedicated to the vampire-demon deity Zura. It was also clear that the temple had been built upon an older foundation that seemed to pre-date some of the Zura-based carvings and inscriptions.

The temple hallways were heavily trapped, but eventually the party found their way into the main worship hallway, where they saw a serpent-woman poring over a pile of notes. The serpent looked up at the party and spoke with voice that informed the group that this serpent was actually Ieana. She warned the group to leave her alone lest they be killed, that she could not be distracted now that she was so close to finding the lost city of Saventh-Yhi, a fabled Azlanti city believed to be more myth than reality.

The party engaged Ieana in combat, eventually driving her to retreat. The serpent-woman used the magic of a nearby Zura statue to become gaseous, at which point she floated into a hidden chamber. The party followed suit and killed the shapechanger.



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