Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 012

Transformation and Treasure

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

The party searched the hidden room, discovering a secret compartment which was protected by a magical trap that permanently transformed Issa’s physical form into Zura. Outside, in the main worship hall, Ren destroyed a magical altar that radiated pure evil. With the destruction of the altar, the entire group felt a massive weight lifted from their shoulders and realized that the entire time they had been upon the island, they had felt an unnatural sense of impending doom and fear. This malaise was erased with the destruction of the altar.

The group returned to Aycenia’s grove to find the dryad teaching the Thrunefangs how to properly hunt and farm in a way that preserved and protected the natural and limited resources of Smuggler’s Shiv. It appeared that their plan for reforming the Thrunefangs was working better than they had hoped.

Ishirou convinced the party to seek out the treasure indicated by a map in his possession. The group traveled to the location indicated on the map and dug, revealing a wooden plug atop an impressively deep pit. Dante was lowered into the pit by a rope only to be attacked by a pair of zombies. The group killed the zombies and pulled Dante back up to safety without fully exploring the pit.



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