Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 014

Escape to Eleder

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

The group killed the violet fungus and discovered that this act alone caused the death of all the fungal bodies on the islet, thus ending the threat to Aycenia and Smuggler’s Shiv. The party also found that the human corpse bore a ring with a bizarre connection to the fungal realm, and it was surmised that this connection was what brought the unnatural fungal growth to this island. The group vowed to destroy the ring once they left the island, but kept it within a magical quiver for the time being.

They then returned to Aycenia, and the dryad rewarded the party with several magical pearls and other items. Aycenia and Aerys had been working for the past several days on building a double-canoe with sails with which the party might attempt to navigate the open waters and make their way back to the mainland. After another week of effort, the vessel was completed and the group bid farewell to Aycenia and the Thrunefangs.

Aerys piloted the ship, successfully navigating from Smuggler’s Shiv to the shores of Sargava. From there, the group made their way to the capital city of Eleder, where they met with the other members of the Bellflower Network who were already there and were already working with the men of Dhanga’s patron, Lord Easton Travant, to promote equality among the populace and fight against the demon worshipping ruling class, as well as prevent any efforts from the Chelish government to reassert control over its former colony. In addition, the group located a priest of Iomedae to remove the curse on Issa, restoring her to her original form.



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