Skulls of the Serpent

Chapter 015

The Children of Sargava

A much more thorough description of the session can be found here.

The party spent four days in Eleder, waiting for Dhanga’s patron, Lord Easton Travant to arrive from a business venture in the distant city of Kalabuto. During this time, the group learned about Eleder and fully immersed themselves with the Bellflower Network operatives already in the city. Eleder was abuzz with talk of the survivors who escaped Smuggler’s Shiv. Exaggerated tales of cannibalism, undead cults, spiders the size of a house, forests made of giant mushrooms, and wrecked pirate ships still laden with treasure filled the taverns and markets of Eleder. As none in the party had spoken of their experience to outsiders, it was clear that at least one of the other survivors (Sasha, Gelik, Aerys, Jask, or Ishirou) was likely the source of the rumors.

The party also learned about the great societal divide in the city of Eleder and the nation of Sargava as a whole, in which a small number of descendants of the original Chelish settlers held nearly all of the power, while the majority of native Mwangi barely eked out an existence, living in horrible conditions in slums outside the city walls. Lord Travant, himself a Chelish descendent himself wielding no small amount of mercantile power, hoped to change this by constructing a more egalitarian government. To this end, he had gathered a small group of like-minded individuals who called themselves the Children of Sargava and had sent Dhanga to secure the assistance of the Bellflower Network operatives. For their part, the Bellflower Network hoped to assist in Lord Travant’s goals while simultaneously preventing Cheliax from regaining a foothold in its former colony, thereby denying House Thrune the gold of Sargava.

Ren and Dante discovered that the military arm of Sargava was run with a similar hierarchy to the Hellknights of Cheliax, with a man named Baron Utilinus at its head. Utilinus also commanded a large group of dedicated warriors named the Order of the Rack; these soldiers served as his personal guard and were among the most well-trained and well-equipped individuals in Sargava. However, where Baron Utilinus commanded the military, the true power of Eleder lay in the parliamentary merchant council, currently dominated by Lady Madrona Daugustana, an octogenarian whose various holdings in mines throughout the Bandu Hills made her the most wealthy and powerful person in Sargava.

Shortly after Lord Travant’s return and introduction to the party, word arrived that the Aspis Consortium was preparing for an expedition to find the legendary city of Saventh Yhi. It was clear that the other survivors of Smuggler’s Shiv had revealed what they had learned within the Temple of Zura. There was considerable discussion as to whether to attempt to mount a rival expedition using the knowledge written down in the captured notes of Ieana.



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