Bellflower Network

The Bellflower Network is a well-established, secret society dedicated to opposing the rule of House Thrune in Cheliax as well as freeing slaves and helping political dissidents leave the country. In addition, the Bellflower Network opposes slavery and injustice of any kind in other nations, although their primary focus is on the nation of Cheliax. The Network maintains its own coded language and uses a blue bellflower as its symbol.

The Network has no discernible headquarters, but there are places where members regularly congregate in nearly every major city in Cheliax.

Recently, the Bellweather Network was approached by Dhanga: and his Sargavan contingency to request their help in maintaining Sargavan independence in the face of ongoing Chelish aggression and establish a more egalitarian government in Sargava. To that end, the Network sent several disguised agents to the Sargavan city of Eleder aboard three passenger ships. One of those ships, the Jenivere crashed on the remote island of Smuggler’s Shiv before it reached Eleder. Fortunately, all of the Bellflower Network members eventually survived the crash and made their way to Eleder several weeks later.

The contingent of Bellflower Network members currently in Eleder are Dante:, Eva:, Issa:, Ren:, Vayla:, Erodred Arabasi, Ileosa Arabasi, Devargo Barvassi, Cacciaguida Roux, Glaerie Arkona, Syl Gar, Haldmeer Grobaras, Toff Ornelos, Vencarlo Orisini, Pilts Swastel, and Gioa Zamprei.

Bellflower Network

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