Cacciaguida Roux

Cacciaguida is one of the leaders of the Bellflower Network. He is also the uncle and mentor to Dante: during his training to become a knight of House Roux.

Many years ago, Cacciaguida had been captured by Darius and tortured and interrogated during Darius’ search for the Bellflower Network. However, Cacciaguida was able to turn the tables on his torturer, eventually convincing Darius to renounce House Thrune and work for House Roux and the Bellflower Network. Darius took the name Ren: and worked as a man-at-arms for the group. Ren felt a great debt of gratitude to Cacciaguida and considered the man a confidant.

Cacciaguida was aboard the Jenivere as it was bound for the Sargavan city of Eleder. After the ship wrecked along the shores of Smuggler’s Shiv, Cacciaguida managed to save most of the passengers before eventually dying aboard the ship.

Note: Cacciaguida was eventually raised from the dead using a scroll that was found on the island.

Cacciaguida Roux

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