Easton Travant

Easton Travant is a handsome man whose family has lived in Eleder since it was founded by Chelish settlers. His family has long stood against the increasing influence of the demonic Church of Asmodeus in Sargava, which has occasionally put him at odds with the other members of the Merchant Council. Easton wants nothing more than to see the current elite-ruled government of Sargava toppled, but he knows that this is a long-term goal at best, and has set his sights, for now, on what he feels is a much more realistic goal — making Eleder a nicer place to live.

Easton is the sole inheritor of his family’s estates, which include several copper mines and fruit fields in the foothills of the Bandu Hills. Unwilling to contribute to the poverty he sees everywhere in Sargava, Easton pays his employees a living wage and provides each with a share of his profits.

Easton Travant has a seat on the Merchant Council, where he is often at odds with the other members of the parliamentary council, particularly Lady Madrona Daugustana.

Easton has recently decided to take action to make his dreams for Sargava a reality. To this end, he used some of his family’s funds to establish the Children of Sargava, an underground movement of like-minded individuals dedicated to the eventual non-violent overthrow of the current Sargavan regime. His funds have supported The Sargava Club, a tavern owned by Briga, as well as a small martial arts training facility, where Dhanga: and others in the Children study.

Easton Travant

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