Thrunefang Tribe

The Thrunefangs were a primitive tribe of humans living on the remote island of Smuggler’s Shiv. Originally descended from survivors of a wrecked Chelish warship, Thrune’s Fang, the Thrunefangs had lived on Smuggler’s Shiv for several generations.

The Thrunefangs were nominally led by a chieftain named Klorak the Red who was guided by an elderly witchdoctor named Malikadna. However, the true power behind the Thrunefangs was an undead creature called Mother, who was likely one of the original survivors who managed to transform herself into an undead.

The Thrunefangs engaged in cannibalism and apparently hunted and fed upon any foreigners who fell upon the shores of Smuggler’s Shiv. When the party was stranded on the island, the Thrunefangs managed to capture Jask Derindi and planned to feast on his flesh before the cleric was rescued.

After Mother was killed by the party, the Thrunefangs were tricked into following the teachings of a dryad who lived on Smuggler’s Shiv, Aycenia. Aycenia managed to convert the Thrunefangs away from their more vicious ways and taught them to live in harmony with the island.

Thrunefang Tribe

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